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...Fixation, Special Pain and Contain Yourself now on Bandcamp!

The first three albums with Robert, Kook, Don and David are up now at for your streaming and downloading pleasure. They join Robert's albums "Mistakes", "Gravity", and "467 Surf And Gun Club", as well as "Plastic Three Fifty", "Ultimate", and "Space" (recorded with his alter-ego band Monkey Bowl.

Want vinyl copies? "...Fixation", "Special Pain" and "Contain Yourself" are available at Infinity Cat RIGHT HERE. You will also find rare vintage copies of 12" DJ records like "Call The Uh-Oh Squad", "Walking Through Landmines, and "Alibi". But wait, there's more! How about the super-rare 1981 promo sampler "Blits" (w/ Bow Wow Wow, Sparks, etc.) and the 1983 promo sampler with Robert Hazard, The Mood, and the Rockats? Yeah, those too!


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